Look up …

… waaaaay up.

I’m sorry if you don’t understand The Friendly Giant reference.  If you do, great!

OK, on to something more serious.

As we know, and students should know, there are all kinds of objects that are circulating the earth.  The International Space Station is probably the most famous and certainly has the most media attention.  It had huge interest for Canadians when Chris Hadfield was on board.

But there are considerably more objects that this one.

In fact,

So, where is the ISS right now?  I’m curious.  It’s early Sunday morning as I write this post.

Or, in 3D.

And that’s just the beginning of things at http://www.n2yo.com.

From a pick list, choose your object and see exactly where it is at the moment.  Warning – this is really addictive.  And, sure the maps are wonderful but I found the descriptor of the objects intriguing as well.  

The International Space Station (ISS) is a joint project of five space agencies: the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (United States), the Russian Federal Space Agency (Russian Federation), the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Japan), the Canadian Space Agency (Canada) and the European Space Agency (Europe). It is serviced primarily by the Soyuz, Progress spacecraft units and possible private missions in near future. Last Space Shuttle mission that serviced the Space Station ended in July 2011 (Atlantis, STS-135). The ISS is expected to remain in operation until at least 2020, and potentially to 2028.

A direct link to the International Space Station is here http://www.n2yo.com/space-station/.


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