The Accidental Blogger

With sincere apologies to Anne Tyler, author of “The Accidental Tourist“.

I value the connections that I’ve made through this blog and social media.  They have expanded my thinking and taken me to places where I never thought I would ever go.  It’s a real thrill if you ever get a chance to meet someone in real life.  If you can’t, I think it’s possible to build an impression as to who they are and what they might be.

There is one of my followers what really intrigues me.

Her username is @NoelineL, a former academic consultant.  I’ve never met her in real life but do have an interesting interaction with her at least daily.

As far as I know, she doesn’t have a blog but I’d like to suggest that she’s an Accidental Blogger.  Here’s what I mean.

I’m a big fan of news reading and sharing software.  My current go-to product is Zite although I still lament the shutdown of Rockmelt.

Zite scours the web looking for stories based on a concept.  In its interface, often you’ll get an image from an article and then the first paragraph or part thereof to give you an indication or teaser of what you’ll find if you click through to the article.  Once you do click through, if you elect to read it, Zite will take the title of the article and provide a shortened URL suitable for sharing.  For many, that’s the way that article reading is handled.  It’s very efficient and you seldom know where your next story will come from.

Noeline raises the bar.  Check out this snippet from her timeline.

Her approach to news reading and sharing is delightful.

After I anguish over brainstorming, pre-writing, writing, proofreading, editing, publishing, proofreading again, I have what I think is a nice long thoughtful article.

Noeline comes along, reads the article, and then somehow takes the entire content and reduces it to her own summary, including a link back to the original article – all in 140 characters or less.

Her insights, and often sprinkled with her sense of humour, add much more to a teaser for those who read her Twitter messages!  Just her writing style trumps the very best of the news curation services that I’ve seen!  It makes reading her timeline a real pleasure and takes me into areas that I would never have ventured.

I find just reading her timeline as entertaining and informative as any news reading service that I use.  I think she’s on to something.  Maybe a kickstarter initiative?  Nah, that would probably take all the fun out of it for her.

In the meantime, give her a read and see if you don’t like and admire her style.


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