Embedding a Google Document

Yesterday, WordPress.com announced that they’ve added the ability to embed a Google Document into a blog posting.  This is something that I’ve used over and over again in wikis that I’ve worked with but now this opens the possibilities right in the middle of a blog post.

In other totally unrelated news, @aforgrave and I’ve wondered back and forth the value of QR Codes in the classroom.  At times, some of the suggestions that people come up with seem contrived just to use the technology. Like in my recent post?

Now, I know that the readers of my blog are some of the brightest and insightful folks on the web so I’m going to challenge you by using this new embedding feature.

Below, I’ve embedded a Google Form where I’m going to ask three questions.

Thank you, in advance, for answering and participating in my little experiment and research project.

Author: dougpete

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