Five dollars

Year ago, when I was on the OSAPAC Committee, I learned a great deal about Canadian Currency. I was moved to this seeing many clipart collections that indeed had currency in it – but it was US Currency. Students creating presentations or documents would use this as the resource for their work and would have to make due with what was available – even if it meant using a $1 US bill. What? A $1 bill? What’s that?

It seemed like a big injustice since we use a $1 coin in Canada so an outreach project was made to get permission for students and teachers in Ontario schools to use clipart of Canadian currency in their work. That’s where some of my learning started – I guess I had assumed that the Royal Canadian Mint was in charge of our money. I was wrong! They only look after minted coins. Paper money was the domain of the Bank of Canada. Their services go far beyond just what you might have in your pocket or wallet.

The bottom line is that permission was sought and granted for use in Ontario schools. Of course, you can’t print your own (that would be very difficult) but it allows students and teachers to legally use images of our currency. That is a big deal.

If you’re a fan of currency and who isn’t, you know that Canadian Currency and its state can be a moving target. Recently, we got to enjoy the beautiful new $10 Bill. Now, there’s talk that the Bank of Canada wants to revise the $5 Bill.

Apparently, Sir Wilfred Laurier will be no longer be the face of the Canadian five. That bill has the sad distinction of people using a black marker to create an image of Star Trek’s Spock. No link; find it yourself.

According to the CBC article, the Bank of Canada will be looking for input as to who should be on the new bill. Think about the concept for a second.

Recently, the topic was trending on Twitter and many were in favour of Terry Fox being the new face. In fact, the True North Initiative is going all-in on this, collecting digital signatures for a petition to support Terry Fox appearing on the bill.

So, for your feedback, how would you feel about this? Can you think of another famous Canadian that should be considered instead? I’d be interested in your thoughts.

And, for a Saturday morning quiz, from memory, who is found on the current currency? What makes the currency unique?

  • $0.05 coin
  • $0.10 coin
  • $0.50 coin
  • $1.00 coin
  • $2.00 coin
  • $5.00 banknote
  • $10.00 banknote
  • $20.00 banknote
  • $50.00 banknote
  • $100.00 banknote

Yes, I know, I gave you the links above but use your memory!

So, if you did click through to the Royal Canadian Mint or Bank of Canada website, enjoy some time learning about the security features as well. Did you know them all?

OTR Links 01/18/2020

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