Passive, aggressive

First off …

Today marks a day of rotating strike action by ETFO members in the following districts:

  • Simcoe
  • Waterloo
  • Keewatin-Patricia
  • Penetanguishene Protestant Separate

Details here.

The above Twitter message sparked a huge amount of feedback and comments last week. You might be interested in reading some of them.

I was proud of many people that I knew (and many others) who jumped in an indicated that they were indeed continuing to assess students and grade their work. They were deeply offended about some of the messages that indicated that they weren’t doing their work.

I had supper with a friend, a former teacher, on the weekend. He had many thoughts about the many messages that he’s seeing from principals, school districts, and the Minister of Education. There was no consistency with the messages. Who is a parent to believe?

Essentially, he saw some of the messages as almost ignoring the current situation and making assumptions about what parents should be doing. With tongue in cheek, he said that he was surprised that a parent/teacher night wasn’t scheduled at the present time so that teachers could be further clobbered when they didn’t show up.

Everyone knows how all of this can be resolved. Serious efforts are needed to get back to the bargaining table and get the job done. From what I’m reading, the Ministry is currently only negotiating with one federation.


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