Pushing back

Seth Godin, the wizard of the short blog post that makes you think released this post recently.

The professional pushes back

In the post, he gives examples of how a professional might not do something that we would associate with their profession and therefore pushes back.  He touched:

  • The architect 
  • The surgeon 
  • The marketer 
  • The statesman 

I eagerly read them all looking for, well you know.  It wasn’t there.  Of course, there were lots of other professions that weren’t there.  

The bank manager, the city planner, the lawyer, …

It’s too bad that the post didn’t include teacher or educator.  I would be interested to hear his thoughts.  Perhaps he doesn’t view the role of educator as a professional or maybe it just didn’t make his list.  It’s his blog so he can do what he wishes.  This is my blog and I’d like to be inclusive.

So, I’ll turn to you.

  • Do you consider yourself a professional?
  • Give an example of how you pushed back in the manner that is used in the original post

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