Whatever happened to …

… computer startup sounds?

It was a common request that I used to get.  It was particularly important to those people who would start up an entire lab of computers using a remote access tool and the computers would all chime in at roughly the same time.

“How do I get the computers to stop playing that annoying startup sound?”

Personally, I always felt that it was a helpful thing.  On my home computer, it was a signal that the computer was close to stopping thrashing my hard drive and would be ready for actual use.  Like all computer-y things, the sound changed from version to version of the operating system.

And, thanks to the internet and people who like to curate these sort of things, turn up your speakers and I present…

Ubuntu Startup Sound

Macintosh Startup Sound

Windows Startup Sound (wait for it)

Of course, there were also shutdown sounds but they weren’t nearly as memorable.

On this Sunday morning, how about sharing your thoughts?

  • Do/did you have a favourite startup sound?
  • Have you ever tweaked your computer to have your own startup sound or disable it completely?  (I’ll confess to a “Hello Dave” on a computer long time recycled.  It got me noticed at meetings…)
  • Do you even hear it anymore or do you just put your computer to sleep and wake it instead of rebooting?
  • These are the ones that I’ve used; if you’ve used a different operating system, how about searching for its sounds and sharing them in the comments?

Do you have an idea or thought that would be appropriate for my “Whatever happened to … ” series of blog posts?

Please visit this Padlet and add your idea.  I’d love for it to be an inspiration for a post!

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