Do you like a good puzzle?

Do you like to drive yourself crazy with puzzles?

Then, this is for you.  And, if not you, how about your students?

Can you solve it? Dot-to-dot puzzles that will drive you dotty

It seems simple though, doesn’t it?

You’re given a number of points with a number beside each.  The number represents the number of lines that originate from the point.  So, you’ll see the starter example below for 1 and 2.

Well, you know what’s next, right?

Give me a three or a four or more.

It’s a great doodle for paper or the chalkboard.  When you visit the article, you can see the challenges given there.  Or, if you want to go digital, right click on the image to copy, and then flip to GIMP or any other image editor program and use the line drawing tool to see if you can connect the points and solve the puzzles.

It gets harder and harder – make sure that you read the rules about crossing lines, etc.

Have fun and drive yourself or your students dotty.


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