Frinkiac for fun

If you’re looking for something educational this Saturday, you’d be best to move on.

But if you’re looking for something fun, read on.

Ask my youngest, and she’ll tell you that The Simpsons raised her.

With the Frinkiac website, you can get into or relive some great moments.  Who doesn’t like a good quote?

The history behind the website can be found in the FAQ.  As educators, of course, there’s one important concept that isn’t addressed.

I did go exploring and there’s one segment that still makes me laugh out loud every time it’s rerun.

“Floor Pie”

At present, you can create your own Meme by typing your own captions.  We know how popular those are.  There is a GIF creation section under Beta development but I couldn’t make it work here.

So, if the family that watches The Simpsons plays together and stays together, this might just fit the bill.

Author: dougpete

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