I might just be a candidate for this

Do you ever read about a new application and think “hey, that was written specially for me”?  

It happened for me this morning when I read about Quitter for Mac written by Instapaper developer Marco Arment.  I read his blog post “Automatic social discipline” and realized that his thinking spoke for me.

While my amount of time per application and indeed, choice of application, would be different, the message is the same.  

So, what was I doing while I read about Quitter?  I had my MacBook Pro with me in the rec room with the morning news on in the background.

In the foreground, I was doing my morning reading.  However, I had a bunch of other things on the go.

  • I was using Vivaldi as my choice of web browser
  • I was sending music and podcasts to my iPad before embarking on my morning dog walk
  • Last night I had downloaded something and had scanned for malware with Sophos
  • Last night, I had been doing some work with Python and Idle was left open
  • I had System Preferences open for some reason
  • Photos opens automatically when I plug in my iPad
  • I had a document that I was working on open in LibreOffice

What you don’t see are all the browser tabs that were open just moments before I took this picture.  Thank you One Tab

I guess it’s a sign of the times.  With computers and operating systems becoming more and more powerful, we’re able to push our technology use further.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  Upon further reflection, it could be that I’m just too lazy to close things off when I don’t need them.  So, was this technology user ripe for a technological solution?

Of course, that only solves the solution when I use my MacBook Pro.  Now that I’m sitting here in front of my Ubuntu computer, I had a whole different set of applications open.  I’d need a solution here too.

Or, maybe I need to go back to self-discipline.  Maybe I don’t always need an “app for that”.

Things were so much simpler before multi-tasking!

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One thought on “I might just be a candidate for this”

  1. I found this really interesting, because I don’t tend to have a kajillion things open at once on my laptop (my tablet is another matter). I’m realizing I’m one of the few people I know who shut everything down, and then shut my machine down when I’m done using it. I’m always surprised at how many tabs my coworkers have open when I happen to see their desktops. Just the way people’s workflow works, I guess.


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