Stairway to Heaven


My kids grew up listening to the stereo.  Though today our musical tastes sometimes differ, they all continue to use music in their lives.

My youngest sent me this article from the Vancouver Sun from 2012.  “Heart plays Led Zeppelin’s Stairway To Heaven, makes Robert Plant cry (video)”  This is too good to not share and to post here so that I don’t lose track of it.

At close to 10 million plays on YouTube, this version by Heart is incredible.  I played it once on my tablet and then secondly slapped on my noise cancelling headphones to totally enjoy it.

Other than being the greatest rock song ever written and recorded, it has special significance to me.

When I decided that I’d played every country and western or Hawaiian song I needed and dropped my steel guitar for an acoustic one, my goal was to learn to play “Stairway to Heaven”.  Years later, I still defer to Jimmy Page for the incredible solo.  I have, I think, every Led Zeppelin on vinyl and am in the process of rebuilding my speakers.  This will be the first song played when I get the task done.