Brian Aspinall (@mraspinall on Twitter) tossed out a Twitter message last night inviting people to check out Kurrate - a new curation tool for teachers using video in the classroom. I had to check it out immediately.  First, you've got to be interested in what an Ontario educator shares and secondly, I know that so … Continue reading Kurrate



I had a great learning experience yesterday! In my reading, I stumbled across this post from Educational Technology and Mobile Learning titled "7 GREAT BIBLIOGRAPHY AND CITATION TOOLS FOR STUDENTS".  I thought that it would be worthy of sharing and so sent the link to Twitter.  From there, it would end up in my Diigo … Continue reading Refr.it

YouTube Doubler

This is going to be a blog post that includes reference to Formula 1 so I know that @Ron_Mill has moved on from reading the post but it will eventually have an educational reference. I was having a chat back and forth with my friend @tk1ng, another Formula 1 racing fan.  This weekend, the racing … Continue reading YouTube Doubler