International Day of the Girl

@mzshanksalot, a teacher and Computer Contact at Windsor Ontario’s Marlborough Public School can be very passionate about her personal beliefs.  This passion has spread to a group of young ladies who have created a video for the International Day of the Girl and shared it on YouTube.  The event caught the attention of the localContinue reading “International Day of the Girl”

Social Media and Flooding

You have to be hiding to not read or see the news coming from Calgary and the flooding that is hitting that city.  It was the top news stories on all of the channels that I watched this morning – CNN, CTV News, CBC News.  The only thing that brought a smile was the USContinue reading “Social Media and Flooding”

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

It was another wonderful week of reading in Ontario Edublogs.  Here are some of the great things I read recently. The Number Line Sheila Stewart has Klout. Inspired by another blog post, she spends some time sharing her thoughts about putting a number to one’s participation in social media.  Then, she concludes with the questionContinue reading “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”

Pinterest Boards for Educators

If I was looking to enter the fray of “numbered resources for whatever”, I could have called this post “9 Pinterest Boards for Education You Must Follow” or something like that.  Fortunately, the nine of them all originate from one master! The Pinterest site is curated by Med Knarbach and it’s a very nice, visualContinue reading “Pinterest Boards for Educators”