Hug an English Teacher

My mom had a plaque that was hung on the wall that said “Too late we grow smart”.  Growing up, I always thought it was something cool that she bought at a flea market but when I think now, it’s advice that makes so much sense. In high school, I was a math nerd.  InContinue reading “Hug an English Teacher”

New View on Collaboration

So, yesterday, I read the article “Watch This Author Use A Google Document To Write And Edit A Book In Real-Time“ and headed over to see what it was all about.  It was very cool and lived up to the expectations.  Silvia Hartmann was writing a book titled “The Dragon Lords” and you could watchContinue reading “New View on Collaboration”

The Power of Images

We all know of the power of images.  They bring forth human emotions stronger than mere words.  It’s part of the reason why so many use cameras and images so effectively in the classroom. One of my favourite applications that use the power of images so strongly is PicLits.   Using it is pretty easy –Continue reading “The Power of Images”

Shelf Life of a Blog

Jenny Luca had an interesting post in her blog yesterday about “Bare URLs“.  We had a little interaction that started with her writing the content and me reading it, to a statement that ultimately resolved that if we had to use APA in a blog, it would be the death of blogging! Her concern revolvedContinue reading “Shelf Life of a Blog”

Three things social media did for me yesterday

I was going to title this entry “You Never Know” and maybe I should but as I reflected on yesterday, I decided to go with what I did.  The message though is that you just never know who’s going to drop by and interact with your social media attempts.  I had three moments yesterday thatContinue reading “Three things social media did for me yesterday”