Windows on Android

A day of freedom for me was having to turn in my iPhone to my employer.  Like the Blackberry before it, the thing was functional.  It made phone calls, connected to the internet, and let you install and ran applications.  You know, the stuff that you have one for. And, it was customizable.  You could … Continue reading Windows on Android


What a Difference an OS Makes

Nerdy post upcoming - you've been warned.  But, it just might be worth the read for you anyway... A good friend of mine had the power supply go on her ancient PC so it wouldn't boot.  She needed some files from her hard drive and asked for my assistance.  No problem, I says, bring your … Continue reading What a Difference an OS Makes

The Sky is Falling?

Apparently so and people are concerned if you're using Microsoft Window XP. Infoworld has an online petition encouraging folks to sign asking Microsoft to consider its decision to end retail sales of Window XP on June 30. A report indicates that there are over 75000 people who have signed this petition. Citing the … Continue reading The Sky is Falling?