Three things social media did for me yesterday

I was going to title this entry “You Never Know” and maybe I should but as I reflected on yesterday, I decided to go with what I did.  The message though is that you just never know who’s going to drop by and interact with your social media attempts.  I had three moments yesterday thatContinue reading “Three things social media did for me yesterday”

Just because you can to mainstream

One of the trending topics yesterday was a video release from the folks at Commoncraft.  This video, from the folks that have given us a lot of good instructional content in “plain English” is entitled “Zombies in Plain English“.  As with all of the products from this company, it is simply genius. When I thinkContinue reading “Just because you can to mainstream”

Desktop Suites

There was a time and day when I thought that I knew exactly where I wanted to go with a desktop productivity suite.  There are so many choices.  I had purchased Sprint from Borland as a word processor, VisiCalc as a spreadsheet, and never had a need for a database or presentation package so IContinue reading “Desktop Suites”

Rot on the Internet

In education, we’re quick to jump on band wagons.  Some are sustained; some just come and go.  For example, consider Webquests.  When Bernie Dodge promoted the concept, it was seen as the saviour to the use of the internet.  Lots of workshops and presentations were given on the topic.  Many faculties of education assigned webquestContinue reading “Rot on the Internet”