Having it All

If there was a big world event happening, what would you do to bring that resource into your classroom? probably search for that term on Google or some other search engine?  Check. read a blog or two on the topic?  Check. check out Twitter to see what’s happening in real time?  Check. check out FacebookContinue reading “Having it All”

Getting it Right … Financially

One of the best inspirational things that I do for myself is subscribe to The Daily Papert.  In this mailing list, I get a daily bit of inspiration from one of the greatest minds  in educational technology as curated by Gary Stager.  Every day, there’s a quotation related to education and usually with a technologyContinue reading “Getting it Right … Financially”

Flock 2.5

I awoke this morning to some exciting news.  Overnight, the folks at Flock had released version 2.5 which they’re saying is built on the latest version of Firefox.  This news came from their web ambassador Evan Hamilton. For the longest of times, Flock was my browser of choice.  I like its clean interface, its compatibilityContinue reading “Flock 2.5”

When Web 2.0 Goes Down

I’ve taken a real interest in Web 2.0 applications over the past year.  If there is any doubt, check out my Delicious collection of resources tagged with Web 2.0.  There are 378 of them and growing. They are fascinating and I applaud the developers for their originality and creativity in bringing such resources to theContinue reading “When Web 2.0 Goes Down”

End of an Era

I suppose that it was bound to happen. This week, Netscape announces the end of support for the Netscape product in February, 2008. http://blog.netscape.com/2007/12/28/end-of-support-for-netscape-web-browsers This is a really sad announcement. With the popularity of the web in the 1990s, Netscape was the real alternative to the Internet Explorer browser. People tried both and Netscape provedContinue reading “End of an Era”