Math and Science Symbol Search

This search engine is specially made for the mathematicians and scientists in the crowd.

How often have you wanted to do a search for a particular equation requiring specialized characters?  Quick, where is that alt-code cheat sheet?  Well, in fact, you can find it here.

Wouldn’t it be nicer if there was an easier way?

There is.  Check out Symbolab.

Typing any formula is as simple as using your regular keyboard and then the buttons on the top row.  Results come first from Wolfram Alpha and then the deep searching begins.

Let’s start with a simple example y=mx+b

Actually, there’s no real reason that you couldn’t use a traditional search engine for that equation so let’s try something a little more complicated.

How about something like:  

There’s a formula that would be a real challenge with your alt-codes.  It’s a snap with Symbolab.

And now, the results

The top row of the search engine is actually a series of buttons that can be expanded with a click.  So, the sin / cosh button opens to reveal…

This site features just a wealth of functionality if the need to search for specialized symbols is in your future.  BTW, the chemistry symbols section is under development as I write this.

The topper?  How about a calculator to go with all this goodness!


From Where Does Your Learning Come?


I read a great post yesterday from Dangerously Irrelevant from “way back” in June of 2011.  It was entitled “If you were on Twitter yesterday…” and it brought back a nice memory.  I recall reading it when it was originally posted and so it was a nice déjà vu.  Other than nostalgia, it’s a good message anytime.

From where does your learning come?

In the good old days, it might be from a district PD Day a couple of times a year and perhaps some ongoing magazine reading and talking with colleagues.  Certainly that doesn’t happen today – does it?

It you were on Twitter yesterday, your links to learning could come from anywhere on the planet.

Want to see where?  Then head over to Tweeting Earth.

Here’s a search with a twist.  Like most search engines, you enter a search key to get things started.  The results are displayed based upon that key but here’s the deal.  They’re plotted by timezone!  And, plotted around the globe.

So, ever the humble Twitter user, I decided to see where anything dealing with “dougpete” came from.  Here are the results…

Click for the full image

It appears that there’s a big gap before London – wait, that’s the Atlantic Ocean.  Guess I need to work on my reach on airplanes and ships!  Click on any of the slices to pop up a screen to see the actual Twitter messages.  It offers and reinforces the important view that we’re not in a staffroom talking to one other person.  Such is the reach of global connections – it’s up to you to make these connections meaningful and relevant.

How about references to the blog?

Interesting as well.

If you’re looking for a visual way to see what the world is tweeting, you’ll really enjoy playing around with this.  From the bottom left, you can also choose the global trends online and see where they’re coming from.

Warning – this is really addictive!

Search for yourself – you know you want to!  Search for your passion.  Other than a way to show comments globally, you might just make some new friends to continue your discussions!