What the World is Searching

What do you search for when you’ve searched for everything on Google?  How about taking a look at what everyone else is searching for?  Or at least the current most popular searches.  Google calls this Google Trends. Interesting top two for a Friday night as I write this post. I wonder what else?  The trendsContinue reading “What the World is Searching”


Yesterday morning, I read this story.  Freepik: your graphic resources search engine.  There were two things that caught my eye – “Graphic” and “Free”.  I had to check it out, and from the number of retweets, a great deal of my Twitter followers did as well. Acid test for me – search for “House”. TheContinue reading “Freepik”

Searching it All

When I’m searching for things on the internet, I really don’t want to spend time wandering around aimlessly trying one strategy and then another. I’ve had a lot of success by changing the way that I think about search. I like to frame my thoughts in the form of a question.  This helps me generateContinue reading “Searching it All”