Hover Zoom

I’m not sure how best to describe Hover Zoom, an extension to Google Chrome, except that I find it indispensible! It almost transforms your web browsing experience into 3D.  (Well, at least images jump off the page at you!) The premise is relatively simple.  So often, you hit a web page and the author hasContinue reading “Hover Zoom”

How Much Paranoia…

…should a person have when configuring a web browser? I had a good back and forth with @pbeens about this today.  A fresh installation of any web browser comes with certain settings.  With a good browser, you can add extensions to do various things to try to maintain your privacy.  But how much is tooContinue reading “How Much Paranoia…”

Rockmelt for iPad

One of the browsers that I have installed on my computer is Rockmelt.  Based on Chromium, it very tightly integrates social media into the browser.  I really liked the concept and had made it my default browser for a while.  Then, I got a little scared because while Chrome and Chromium were updating with featuresContinue reading “Rockmelt for iPad”

Customize your own Google Chrome

  Warning – slightly geeky post this morning. But, if you’re a Google Chrome user, I’ll bet you try it at least once! How many times have you looked for a Google Chrome theme that says “Hey, this is me…” and failed?  You’ll end up going back to the defaults or compromising on something close.Continue reading “Customize your own Google Chrome”

Doug’s Dozen

Anyone who’s been keeping their eyes open to great blog posts have seen posts like “Top 10 Word Processors for the iPad” or “Top 10 Utilities for the iPad”.  They’re pretty much a summary of what all is available within a particular category. That got me thinking…that would be great if I had a 64GBContinue reading “Doug’s Dozen”