Podcasting Dead?

Alexander Wolfe asked the question and gave his opinion about the life of podcasting. http://informationweek.com/blog/main/archives/2008/01/is_podcasting_d.html Not surprisingly, Information Week is a business resource and I would suggest that business has different expectations than education. He notes that podcasting came onto the scene 10 years ago and has not been the overwhelming success that many predicted.Continue reading “Podcasting Dead?”

If the Queen can do it

Interesting observations from a student in the UK. http://students2oh.org/2007/12/26/royal-changes/ He asks a good question. If the British Monarchy is on top of things like having the Queen’s Christmas message delivered via the latest in technology, why aren’t schools up to the task? It may be an over simplification, but it does ask a good question.Continue reading “If the Queen can do it”