Just a Lot of Thinking

As I blogged yesterday, David Warlick spent the day with Computers in Education School Contacts, Principals, and the IT Department in a “Visioning Session”.  The goal was to help us with our thinking about what possibilities exist for students and teachers who want to learn and construct with our current and future connectivity realities. Now,Continue reading “Just a Lot of Thinking”

Learning with the folks from Waterloo

Last Friday, I had the distinct pleasure and opportunity to do some learning with 75 Waterloo Region teachers at a presentation led by David Warlick. David, checking out the setup The message was a powerful one.  His presentation “Redefining Literacy” is one that makes you rethink most everything about education and his examples of howContinue reading “Learning with the folks from Waterloo”

Webnation Interview with David Warlick

As noted earlier in this blog, the keynotes at the Western RCAC Symposium 2008 were David Warlick and Amber MacArthur. Both are noted Web 2.0 strategists in their respective fields. So, what happens when they’re both in the same place at the same time with photojournalist Christopher Dick? Why, they create an episode for WebnationContinue reading “Webnation Interview with David Warlick”

What to do now?

This year, more than ever, there was so much followup discussion following the Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee’s Symposium. I must admit that I’m taken aback by the tone of some of the comments,  There are comments like “I doubt that things will change” and “Here are reasons why it won’t work” and “I’m concernedContinue reading “What to do now?”

How I Saw It

I promised that I would spend a few moments and share my thoughts about the recently concluded Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee’s Symposium 2008.  Keep in mind, though, that as Chairperson and Ringmaster keeping folks on our timeline, I’m spending my time focussing on what’s next as opposed to what’s happening now! Keynote speakers:  DavidContinue reading “How I Saw It”