An Interview with Alfred Thompson

I’ve known Alfred Thompson for a few years now. We met at a Computer Science Teachers’ Association Conference a few years ago where one or both of us were speaking. We’ve also served on the Computer Science Teachers’ Association (CSTA) Conference organizing committee. At the time, Alfred was the K-12 Computer Science Academic Developer EvangelistContinue reading “An Interview with Alfred Thompson”


Living in a border community is one thing.  Living in one rich with history of the War of 1812 is another.  Last year was packed with event celebrating the 200th anniversary of the event.  We have a bridge named because of this.  It also has given us insights into what makes a defines a country.  IContinue reading “Borders”

Old Stuff

This resource is incredible.  I use that term when I make reference to something that steals my attention away from other things I should be doing.  This absolutely happened to me today. The resource starts at “Old Pictures” and the website lives up to name. Admittedly, the concept is very American but that’s its focus. Continue reading “Old Stuff”

Spammers Don’t Take a Break for the Holidays

Boxing Day here this year is a blowy, snowy mess.  Of course, it doesn’t stop the dog from complaining that he needs to go for a walk but other than that, it’s a day to sit back by the fire and just do a lot of nothing. To pass some time, I thought that IContinue reading “Spammers Don’t Take a Break for the Holidays”

Of course, Alfred

Yesterday, my friend Alfred Thompson threw this Twitter message by me… Now, I know that he doesn’t get it.  When we’re together at events like the CSTA Symposium, he just doesn’t understand it when I complain loudly that I long for a good cup of coffee. But still, he felt compelled to run this TwitterContinue reading “Of course, Alfred”