How to work a PLN

Yesterday, TheCleverSheep made a post where he challenged us to identify the most important thing that we’ve learned from our PLN.  (Personal Learning Network)  In his post, he put a link to a Google Docs survey and made the results immediately visible. One of his questions was: “Which tool would you recommend as a startingContinue reading “How to work a PLN”

Where there’s a will, there’s an internet way

The ima08 conference is on today. I can’t be there but would be very interested. It’s being streamed over the internet but streaming has its issues as in blocked or retraining or lost of signal… However, Andy Carvin is in the audience. Currently Jimmy Wales is addressing the audience and making some exciting comments aboutContinue reading “Where there’s a will, there’s an internet way”

Who’s Going to Do it?

Mashups are applications that combine data sources from more than one traditional information services to produce a new resource that didn’t originally exist. It provides a richness to the information that the original designers may not have thought. I follow Will Richardson on Twitter. Recently, he twitted that he noted that Barack Obama was onContinue reading “Who’s Going to Do it?”

Following the Candidate

I follow Will Richardson on Twitter (among others…) It’s interesting to read the comments and track the updates as you can follow some of these leaders as they go about doing what it is that they are doing. Today, he made an interesting observation. Barack Obama is on Twitter. So, I hopped over and sureContinue reading “Following the Candidate”