In Advance of ECOO

Once a year, folks using technology in the classroom make the pilgrimage to the the ECOO conference.  It’s generally held in the outer areas of Toronto so that we’re not forced to drive downtown and look for parking.  That part is great.  The rest is even greater. This year, we’re in a new location.  We’reContinue reading “In Advance of ECOO”

Can a School be TOO High Tech?

If we could only have a computer in the hands of every child, a data projector in every classroom, an Interactive White Board if every room, Student Response Systems, ultra high speed internet access, on-demand printing abilities, etc. then we would have it all, right? Not so, if you believe this opinion piece in Sunday’sContinue reading “Can a School be TOO High Tech?”

End of an Era

I suppose that it was bound to happen. This week, Netscape announces the end of support for the Netscape product in February, 2008. This is a really sad announcement. With the popularity of the web in the 1990s, Netscape was the real alternative to the Internet Explorer browser. People tried both and Netscape provedContinue reading “End of an Era”