Nimble Classrooms

For a great read, check out “How Will Classrooms Change With the Use of Computers?“ One of the quotes really resonated with me. “It’s going to be more about teachers having nimble classrooms.” To me, this means a number of things and many teachers are embracing it already although they may not have considered theirContinue reading “Nimble Classrooms”

Unplug? I hope not

  Many thanks to @sheilaspeaking for proofreading and making suggestions for today’s post. —– I read this article three times yesterday morning during my reading routine before I elected to share it with my followers on Twitter and Facebook.  From, “Let’s unplug the digital classroom” is one professor’s thoughts about the presence of technologyContinue reading “Unplug? I hope not”

Don’t Do Stupid Things

Isn’t that great advice?  I received it from my parents, I’ve given it to my own children, and I was reminded about this on Thursday night. On Thursday night, as part of the Ontario Teachers’ Federation Teaching and Learning in the 21st Century Professional Development event, I was asked to chair a panel after supper.Continue reading “Don’t Do Stupid Things”

What to do now?

This year, more than ever, there was so much followup discussion following the Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee’s Symposium. I must admit that I’m taken aback by the tone of some of the comments,  There are comments like “I doubt that things will change” and “Here are reasons why it won’t work” and “I’m concernedContinue reading “What to do now?”