Monitoring the flattening

If there’s been any winner in all this COVID stuff, it’s the people who manage data and provide visualization of just what is happening. I’ll admit that I check our local Health Unit for daily numbers. Today’s number shows a continuing drop in daily cases. As we’ve come to know though, that’s only part ofContinue reading “Monitoring the flattening”

Statistics come to Hallowe’en

I wish that I had found this resource earlier so that I could have shared it before this.  Well, better late than never and it’s not too early to start stocking up for next year’s event.  The annual question, particularly if you live in a highly populated subdivision is “how much candy do we buyContinue reading “Statistics come to Hallowe’en”

Beautiful Statistics and Storytelling

One of my favourite university courses was my first full course in statistics.  I still remember the first day when our professor indicated that there were two ways that she could teach the course.  One was through number crunching and the other was through story telling.  She indicated that her approach would be story tellingContinue reading “Beautiful Statistics and Storytelling”

More analysis

There seems to be a number of tools that allow you to be somewhat introspective about your online habits.  Today, TweetStats was making the rounds and I’m always up for something new and so decided to check it out. The Twitter API certainly does allow developers access to a great deal of information.  All thatContinue reading “More analysis”