An Invitation to Edit

It was a boring Sunday afternoon and, after my bike ride, I sat down to check out the NASCAR race.  I was actually curious as to whether Goodyear was going to upset Tony Stewart with another strange tire incident. I’d been meaning to sit down and so something like this for a while. In theContinue reading “An Invitation to Edit”

Greatest Moment at NECC

There are so many terrific moments at any NECC Conference. Great speakers, new friends, great vendors, and the lot. One of my favourite activities though is to browse through the poster sessions. Here, nobody is selling anything or pushing you to upgrade or drive you crazy with the newest technology that you know darn wellContinue reading “Greatest Moment at NECC”

Netherlands adopts Open Source Software

From the AP, comes this story: I can’t begin to agree wholeheartedly with organizations that take this approach. One of the biggest reasons why you’ll hear people talk about this approach (and it makes so much sense) is the cost savings. After all, why would anyone pay the huge fees when there is anContinue reading “Netherlands adopts Open Source Software”