How I spent yesterday

We all know that yesterday was April 1. Carbon tax day in Ontario or a chance to play tricks on people as part of April Fool's Day. Last week, I had read that Microsoft had indicated that there would be no jokes played on April 1.  But, we can always count on Google... Screen Cleaner … Continue reading How I spent yesterday


Getting it Right … Financially

One of the best inspirational things that I do for myself is subscribe to The Daily Papert.  In this mailing list, I get a daily bit of inspiration from one of the greatest minds  in educational technology as curated by Gary Stager.  Every day, there's a quotation related to education and usually with a technology … Continue reading Getting it Right … Financially


With the price of gas at all time highs, how do you feed your second drain on disposable income? i.e. your computer Look for free software.  The folks from have posted this resource. They're calling the article 101 Fantastic Freebies.  I wandered through them.  Many I recognized and actually already use.  I wonder if … Continue reading Free