Positively Tweeting

A while back, Visual.ly had an infographic generator that claimed to analyse your Twitter patterns.  The resulting image gave some facts and I could, of course, save it.  I did and it’s on my About Me page on this blog. One of the things that it found, and I’m proud of was this. It’s notContinue reading “Positively Tweeting”

Learning Together

My learning started today with a sharing of an article to my Twitter stream.  It was about a new extension for Google Chrome called OneTab. The claim was that its use would save up to 95% of memory usage.  That’s an interesting number but it’s the “how” it does it that really caught my interest.Continue reading “Learning Together”

A Tale of Two Hashtags

If you’re going to a conference, and want to connect with the great people there, you can’t beat the informal gatherings that typically involve coffee.  During the conference, I think it’s also important to share your learning and insights with others.  Some folks just can’t attend for whatever reason and yet still are interested inContinue reading “A Tale of Two Hashtags”

Great Day of Sharing and Learning

I started today as I normally would.  I grab a bowl of cereal and my iPad.  I open the News folder and then the Zite application. This is Doug’s current mode for finding out what’s happening.  It’s a big jump from the days when it used to be with a newspaper.  I’m constantly amazed atContinue reading “Great Day of Sharing and Learning”

New Diigo Extension

During my morning reads today, I ran across this story about Google’s London Web Labs.  “With more than 5m visitors so far, Google’s London Web Lab experiments are still going strong“.  As per my normal habits, I thought the story was interesting for me, might be for others, and it’s something that I would wantContinue reading “New Diigo Extension”