What Does Twitter For PD Mean

  Twitter for PD?  What does this mean?  (Old radio listeners from Detroit will recognize Dick the Bruiser format) I referenced a couple of blog posts yesterday in my post about hurting yourself with social media.  There doesn’t pass a day when I see reference to using Twitter (or other social media for that matter) for professional development. TwitterContinue reading “What Does Twitter For PD Mean”

I Repeat–Don’t Do Stupid Things

Yesterday, the Ontario College of Teachers, the professional body that oversees the teaching profession in Ontario issued a news release announcing a “Professional Advisory on the Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media” for its members.  As could be expected, conversations were immediately abuzz with with thoughts and comments about the content.  It was interestingContinue reading “I Repeat–Don’t Do Stupid Things”

Will you like this?

Yesterday, things were buzzing as Google turned on a new feature.  It’s called +1.  You can read about it here and there are instructions about how to turn it on for your account here. When you turn it on, and you’re doing a search on Google.com (not Google.ca yet), you’ll see a little +1 iconContinue reading “Will you like this?”

Three things social media did for me yesterday

I was going to title this entry “You Never Know” and maybe I should but as I reflected on yesterday, I decided to go with what I did.  The message though is that you just never know who’s going to drop by and interact with your social media attempts.  I had three moments yesterday thatContinue reading “Three things social media did for me yesterday”