Building a Google Docs Story

Here’s a cute little writing activity.  It’s called the Google Docs Stories Builder.  You’re not going to write the next great Canadian novel but it’s a fun little activity.  The activity starts here. Every story needs characters so you’ll begin by adding them. The two characters in this story are my fine furry friend JaimieContinue reading “Building a Google Docs Story”

Math and Science Symbol Search

This search engine is specially made for the mathematicians and scientists in the crowd. How often have you wanted to do a search for a particular equation requiring specialized characters?  Quick, where is that alt-code cheat sheet?  Well, in fact, you can find it here. Wouldn’t it be nicer if there was an easier way?Continue reading “Math and Science Symbol Search”

The Best of Both Worlds

Sometimes, I feel like the technological world has passed me by.  I had that feeling this weekend when I stumbled onto something that I’m sure that everyone else but me knows. Two things form the basis for this post. I really like the Omnibar in the Google Chrome browser.  It lets me type URLs andContinue reading “The Best of Both Worlds”

Having it All

If there was a big world event happening, what would you do to bring that resource into your classroom? probably search for that term on Google or some other search engine?  Check. read a blog or two on the topic?  Check. check out Twitter to see what’s happening in real time?  Check. check out FacebookContinue reading “Having it All”