Rethinking RSS – Noowit Comes To Beta

Like many people, I feared that the end of the world was coming when Google announced that they would be retiring the use of their Google Reader.  After all, it had been the source of news for me for years now.  Some of the notable RSS feed that I read regularly appear right here onContinue reading “Rethinking RSS – Noowit Comes To Beta”

Rockmelt for Web

I have been a Rockmelt fan for a long time.  When the browser first came out, I grabbed it and made it the default browser on my computers.  It was based on Chromium and had all of the hooks to social networks built right in.  It was the perfect combination of everything that I doContinue reading “Rockmelt for Web”

Rockmelt for iPad

One of the browsers that I have installed on my computer is Rockmelt.  Based on Chromium, it very tightly integrates social media into the browser.  I really liked the concept and had made it my default browser for a while.  Then, I got a little scared because while Chrome and Chromium were updating with featuresContinue reading “Rockmelt for iPad”

Browser Choices

I admit it.  I have a whole slew of internet browsers installed on my computers.  I keep looking for the perfect browser.  In my mind, it needs to be fast, secure, compatible with every website known to browserkind, work miracles with Flash and Silverlight, and handle Java, HTML 5, and CSS3 perfectly.  Oh, and renderContinue reading “Browser Choices”