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Earlier, I had written to express my thoughts about Learnist.  The post “What does Learnist for PD Mean?” gets into just how this powerful tool can work as a bookmarking, sharing, collaborating, reading, and curating tool.  There is a trend right now to not only bookmark a link to a resource along with a description but to also include an image to the resource so that you get an even better idea of where the link will take you.  When time is important, there’s nothing worse than chasing a link that might not be useful for you.

Learnist is perfect for this when you’re looking for educational resources specifically.

Through the web, you log in with your Facebook account to authenticate and away you go to use it in all its functionality.

It gets even better with the release of an iPad application.  During my morning reading, it’s where I turn to specifically look for educational resources and I’m never disappointed.

2012-10-05 17.34.54

Of course, no interface to a database of resources would be complete without a search feature.  The search field in the top right corner lets you search everywhere for a specific keyword.  It’s amazing where the searching takes you.  And, it’s all good educational stuff.  If you’re a casual browser, use the category buttons at the top to zero in on a particular concept and then swipe your way through the readings.  Find an article; find a board; comment on the sources; follow the board – all the functionality that you have come to enjoy with the web interface is available through the iPad.

Learnist would be nothing without the ability to share your findings without other educators.  Send it to those who could use it via SMS or Email (does anyone use email anymore?) or to the masses via Facebook or Twitter.

2012-10-05 17.35.10

If you have an account, hopefully, you’re building your own portal to links and information.  Tapping the head icon on the corner takes you to your resources.

Learnist understands that sharing is so important so you’ll get the opportunity to review those folks who have great Learnist boards that you’re following and those who have elected to follow you.

2012-10-05 17.35.51

In a world where you might be on a computer one minute, a laptop the next, or a mobile device following that, it’s so comforting to know that you have the ability to access everything that you’ve made part of your digital lifestyle.  Learnist for the iPad takes access to its resources to your device.  If you’re using an iPad for educational reading/research, you’ve got to grab this one.

Wikipedia for Trivia

The Wikipedia is full of information.  As the world builds this collection of knowledge, it’s interesting to note just what is in there.

For no apparent reason, other than sheer boredom, I did a Wikipedia search for “eleven”.

The Wikipedia’s detractors will point to the academic problems that quoting from The Wikipedia can raise.  If you have time to do some reading, check out these search results.  You’ll find out what the world thinks about using The Wikipedia for research.

Anyway, back to the original post.  Searching for “eleven” in The Wikipedia reveals this result.

Mathematicians know all about what makes 11 such a unique number.  For these folks, this link would be better.

Now, there’s some real trivia that’s difficult to find elsewhere.  I just tried to see what Grolier says about “eleven” and the top hit is about the number of players on a US football team.

Thank goodness we have The Wikipedia to provide these results.  I wonder how many bar room debates have been resolved in this fashion?

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