The Look

If you have ever served in the role as professional development facilitator, you know “The Look”.  It’s what powers you and keeps you on your game.  I remember the first time that I ever noticed the effects of “The Look”.  It was on stage at the Western RCAC Symposium and I was watching the keynoteContinue reading “The Look”

Quote of the Day

“And my take on Wikipedia’s critics: The deomcratization brought by digital resources threatens to expose self-serving bureaucracies to public scrutiny, and they don’t like it.” I ran across the above quote today on a blog post. It seems to me that you could substitute most new resources for the word “Wikipedia” and the quoteContinue reading “Quote of the Day”

Group Conversations

There are huge potential when all of the elements start to come together. When people talk about the Read/Write web (sometimes called Web 2.0), they get excited with the potential of anyone becoming a potential publisher of information. Witness the explosion of blogs. In a previous life, people posted web pages and those of usContinue reading “Group Conversations”

Jeremy Gutsche at Symposium

After lunch, Jeremy Gutsche took the stage. He has a standard type of speech called “Unlocking Cool”. For us, he bounced in a few extra letters and modified the talk to that we was talking about “Unlocking School”. The message really didn’t have to be modified all that much. Schools face the same challenges thatContinue reading “Jeremy Gutsche at Symposium”