The Look

If you have ever served in the role as professional development facilitator, you know "The Look".  It's what powers you and keeps you on your game.  I remember the first time that I ever noticed the effects of "The Look".  It was on stage at the Western RCAC Symposium and I was watching the keynote … Continue reading The Look


Quote of the Day

"And my take on Wikipedia’s critics: The deomcratization brought by digital resources threatens to expose self-serving bureaucracies to public scrutiny, and they don’t like it." I ran across the above quote today on a blog post. It seems to me that you could substitute most new resources for the word "Wikipedia" and the quote … Continue reading Quote of the Day

Group Conversations

There are huge potential when all of the elements start to come together. When people talk about the Read/Write web (sometimes called Web 2.0), they get excited with the potential of anyone becoming a potential publisher of information. Witness the explosion of blogs. In a previous life, people posted web pages and those of us … Continue reading Group Conversations