Final Program for #RCAC13

The Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee’s new website has been updated to reflect its program for the Symposium to be held in London, Ontario on December 5. The RCAC Symposium has been held annually in December for a number of years.  Its purpose is to show off some of the creative things that areContinue reading “Final Program for #RCAC13”

Webnation Interview with David Warlick

As noted earlier in this blog, the keynotes at the Western RCAC Symposium 2008 were David Warlick and Amber MacArthur. Both are noted Web 2.0 strategists in their respective fields. So, what happens when they’re both in the same place at the same time with photojournalist Christopher Dick? Why, they create an episode for WebnationContinue reading “Webnation Interview with David Warlick”