Ramona’s challenge

Yesterday, I got a challenge from Ramona Meharg that I couldn’t ignore. I like things that are artificial intelligence-y and this seemed to have that type of approach so I gave it a shot. The website is called Akinator. The concept is pretty simple; sort of a digital spin to the 20 questions game thatContinue reading “Ramona’s challenge”

Gone phishing

How many times have we heard that the weakest part of any security measure is the person at the keyboard? Phishing is the name of the game and, unfortunately, the bad guys have won at this game so many times. How many times have we warned people about emails that are designed to get you to follow links that take you to places that aren’t safe or healthy for you and/or your computer? HowContinue reading “Gone phishing”

Penny Wise

Well, today’s the day.  The penny in Canada is being phased out.  Read about it here on the Royal Canadian Mint site or I’ll bet every newspaper in the country. To celebrate the value of the penny, the CBC has an interactive quiz that tests your knowledge. “Penny on Mac Keyboard” by Doug Peterson SeeContinue reading “Penny Wise”