The Deal with Infographics

I must admit that I find the field of infographics fascinating.  In my Zite reader, I’m excited when one of them makes any of the categories that I follow and, to be sure that I get a daily fix, I have the category “infographics” selected. What impresses me about the whole infographics concept is thatContinue reading “The Deal with Infographics”

Infographics for Careers

I really like infographics.  I keep hearing of people that don’t and yet they keep on appearing.  In my morning reading on Zite, one of the categories that I visit daily is indeed “Infographics”. I’m amazed at how interesting the creators of them are. It’s an attractive way to display statistics and potentially big data.Continue reading “Infographics for Careers”

RCAC Workshop

We started this tradition a few years ago and it’s caught on nicely.  The Ontario Software Acquisition Program Advisory Committee meets in London two days in advance of the Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee‘s Symposium conference so that they can join us for that Thursday date. Then, on the Friday, a professional development event isContinue reading “RCAC Workshop”

Photoshop Elements Activity Idea

At the Indy Car website, they have an interesting promotion and there’s no promotion like a sports promotion. They have made a number of blank templates of cars available and encourage visitors to the site to download and “Design your own Indy Car”. (or helmet or bus or uniform or …) It seems toContinue reading “Photoshop Elements Activity Idea”