A Fountain of Ontario Educators

Here’s a great way to showcase a collection on Twitter.  The utility is called TwitterFountain.  With a few settings, you’re up and running showing off a stream, your stream, or the results of search on Twitter.  I’m thinking that it would be an awesome way to showcase a Hashtag on a monitor.  The flow ofContinue reading “A Fountain of Ontario Educators”

Follow Ontario Edu-Bloggers, Part II

Last #FollowFriday, I used Montage to put together a visual representation of Ontario Edu-Bloggers based upon their RSS feeds.  I like the effect and suggested that it might be an interesting starting page should you want to see what the folks throughout the province were blogging.  The content of the entry was based upon theContinue reading “Follow Ontario Edu-Bloggers, Part II”

My Three Things

Friday night and all day Saturday was a terrific learning experience for Ontario educators.  On Satuday, the Google Workshop for Educators was held at Humber College and Friday night was cause for a Tweetup of many who would be attending.  The Tweetup was very well attended as friends (physical and virtual) had a change toContinue reading “My Three Things”