This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Friday posts are my most favourite.  I like to take some time to honour some of the spectacular blog entries from the great collection of Ontario Edubloggers.  Please click through and support these folks. The Impact of Culture on Feedback I thought that this post from Royan Lee was one of the more important onesContinue reading “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”

Where are We?

Happy #FollowFriday, Ontario Educators.  Hope that it’s a good one for you. Have you ever wondered how far and wide our participants are?  I have too.  One of the things that you can do when you register your Twitter account is give the name of a community.  If you’re openly transparent, you can give yourContinue reading “Where are We?”

Forest and Trees – Ontario Educator Style

A couple of weeks ago, I released my LiveBinders effort which was a way of sharing all the Ontario Educators who also had active blogs in one form or another.  The LiveBinder format allows for the easy display of any kind of links in your browser and, through tabs, an easy way for me toContinue reading “Forest and Trees – Ontario Educator Style”

A Fountain of Ontario Educators

Here’s a great way to showcase a collection on Twitter.  The utility is called TwitterFountain.  With a few settings, you’re up and running showing off a stream, your stream, or the results of search on Twitter.  I’m thinking that it would be an awesome way to showcase a Hashtag on a monitor.  The flow ofContinue reading “A Fountain of Ontario Educators”

Awesome Learners

I couldn’t help but reflect on the OTF / CUE Google Workshop for Educators’ experience yesterday as I continued to apply my own personal learning to a project that I was working on.  Beyond the learning, I started to think about the personalities involved and how lucky that we are to have this group ofContinue reading “Awesome Learners”