This Week in Ontario Edublogs

Welcome to another Friday and a look around at some great blog posts from Ontario Edubloggers. At least I think/hope it’s Friday. All the days seem the same anymore. My biggest fear it to post this on a Thursday or do a #FollowFriday on a day that isn’t Friday. Simple Remote Learning Fixes This isContinue reading “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”

10 Questions for Alfred Thompson

Ontario teachers are about to embark on a “Learn at Home” initiative with the extended closure of Ontario schools.  The situation will mean different things depending upon the school district that you work for and your subject area.  At Bishop Guertin School, they moved their classes online three weeks ago and are trying their best toContinue reading “10 Questions for Alfred Thompson”


Last night, at the Ontario Educators’ Meetup, Ben Hazzard presented on the topic of “Connecting Teachers for Cross Classroom Collaboration”.  In the presentation, he related some of the successes that he has had with projects that involved connecting his students to others outside the school. The concept of collaborating on a common project is aContinue reading “Collaboration”

If the Queen can do it

Interesting observations from a student in the UK. He asks a good question. If the British Monarchy is on top of things like having the Queen’s Christmas message delivered via the latest in technology, why aren’t schools up to the task? It may be an over simplification, but it does ask a good question.Continue reading “If the Queen can do it”