From Where Does Your Learning Come?

  I read a great post yesterday from Dangerously Irrelevant from “way back” in June of 2011.  It was entitled “If you were on Twitter yesterday…” and it brought back a nice memory.  I recall reading it when it was originally posted and so it was a nice déjà vu.  Other than nostalgia, it’s aContinue reading “From Where Does Your Learning Come?”

Fun with Lists

  There’s a lot to be said about Twitter lists.  It’s a great way to organize and categorize those you follow by category.  There are even services that will create one for you if you don’t have the time to do it yourself.  When you use a Twitter client that lets you browse lists, youContinue reading “Fun with Lists”

What Does Facebook for PD Mean?

This topic may be a little more difficult to sell. First, not all boards are like the Waterloo board and have Facebook unblocked for access at school.  That’s a shame because this is a powerful learning environment. Secondly, for all its power, the social media news is full of stories of things gone wrong.  But,Continue reading “What Does Facebook for PD Mean?”