At what cost?

I read about the announcements from Apple yesterday with interest.  It's not that I'm sitting on a pot of gold here waiting to buy the latest and shiniest though.  It's just a chance to see how Apple will push the world forward in technology use and ideas and also a chance to see them catch … Continue reading At what cost?


News Junkie

Within the past hour, I have confessed to a friend that I’m a news junkie.  I read and try to understand as much as I can.  Consequently, I’m constantly looking for the best way to read what I want to read.  On my iPad, I have Zite, Flipboard, Pulse News Reader and the LCARS RSS … Continue reading News Junkie

A Mashup of Note

Like more and more people, I get my news online anymore.  I've tried a number of different techniques to try and get the latest.  They tend, however, to be linear. Either they're posted to a news site chronologically or they are arranged by the importance assigned to the story by the news editor.  Both are … Continue reading A Mashup of Note