Two guys in Toronto

So, I’m sitting at my desk this afternoon working on documents and planning for next week’s Symposium.  Over my left shoulder, I have Twhirl doing its thing pulling in Tweets as the day passes.  For the most part, I’m just ignoring it as it announces every couple of minutes that something new has arrived. ThenContinue reading “Two guys in Toronto”

Mr. Tweet

Twitter has had just an enormous impact on folks who would grow their Personal Learning Network.  It’s a conversation; it’s a collaboration; it’s chatter; it’s making new contacts; it’s all of this and none of this depending upon how you handle it. It’s also an area with a very friendly and open API that inspiresContinue reading “Mr. Tweet”

Desktop Suites

There was a time and day when I thought that I knew exactly where I wanted to go with a desktop productivity suite.  There are so many choices.  I had purchased Sprint from Borland as a word processor, VisiCalc as a spreadsheet, and never had a need for a database or presentation package so IContinue reading “Desktop Suites”