Mobile Muzy

So, today I messed around with the Muzy mobile application.  Designed for the iPhone, it still worked nicely on my iPad.

Starting the application, I logged into my Muzy blog and was immediately where I left off with the desktop version.  Just like the desktop, there is a suite of tools.

So, I started to poke around and see what I could do.  There were actually far more things that I could do here than through the web.  I have access to my camera, to camera rolls on the iPad, a world of play.  I’m really seeing the use of this for the iTeacher who likes to take a lot of pictures.

In my case, I pulled out a classic Words with Friends screen capture from an experiment with Andy Forgrave.

You may scoff but it takes a lot of work to come up with those many three letter words!

I decided to mark it up and see what I could do…I was intrigued by the stickers option.  Clicking that downloaded a collection and I decided that this was a “Star” effort!  So, I selected one and applied it to the image.  Next, a little comment bubble applied and then overlaid with a bit of text.  Piece of cake.

When I’m done, Muzy saved it to my Camera Roll and uploaded it to my Muzy blog!

I was very impressed with the features packed into the application.  Right on the install, there were a number of apps good to go.

But, I guess you can’t please everyone so Muzy has its own app store where you can add even more functionality to the base application.

The suite of tools just continues to add to the functionality…

If you’re a picture taker, or a picture blogger, or like to do a lot with pictures with your iOS device, you’ve got to look at this.  You’ll be quite impressed.



A New Type of Blog

Muzy calls itself “a new kind of blog for your creative side!”

Well, I’m not sure that I have an all that creative side but I decided to take a look at it and my first impressions were very favourable.  In fact, I could see the format and the tools in Muzy appealing to many in education.  Like most things on the Web, it claims to be a Beta but we’re adventurous, right?

If you’re at least 13, create a free account and go to it.

Unlike a traditional blog (like this one) where you start with text and share your thoughts that way, Muzy is all about images and pictures first!  My first trip there took me to the default “app”, the Photobox.  I thought I would give it a shot and uploaded some images from a trip to San Antonio into the layout.  I called it the “San Antonio Sampler”.

From the layout, I had a sense of what to expect but it was only when I uploaded the first image that I realized the power behind the Photobox.  I could take almost an Instagramish approach and apply filters to the images.  So, I applied an “old” filter to the front and used the “enhance” feature to tweak some of the others.  I rather like what I was able to create so easily.

And, of course, you publish your results and you can see it online at my Muzy blog at

But that wasn’t the only app available.  There are a number ot choose from depending upon your activity.

The selection represents a pretty powerful collection of things you can do with pictures.  Of course, you could do any one of the activities with a selection of other utilities but they’re all here in one spot.

Next, I thought I’d look at Word Play.

By itself, maybe not so impressive until you go to the original and it stores the actual movie created when you do Word Play.

All in all, I really liked what I saw.  It’s unfortunate that there’s a minimum age of 13 to create an account as I could see all kinds of applications for students and digital cameras.  But, if I’m a classroom teacher documenting and sharing our learning, this is a very nice suite of tools to show off your pictures.

There are hooks to your Facebook account and also Google images (make sure you have the rights to use the images) as sources for images.

It’s free and you’re just a link away from sharing it all with parents.  And there’s an iOS Muzy App too!