A TouchDevelop Tip

Lately, Alfred Thompson (@alfredtwo) has been sharing a great deal about his experiences with TouchDevelop.  His latest post is actually a story around a video showing how to use Turtle Graphic in TouchDevelop.  That did it.  If anyone can program and create a video at the same time, I’ve got to give it a shot.Continue reading “A TouchDevelop Tip”

Still Relevant

Part of my regular Saturday routines involves maintenance to my computers.  On this machine, it’s the one day that I reliably boot into Windows.  That lets me grab any/all of the updates from Microsoft from the past week; run a defragging utility; I update my anti-virus; and I scan the computer.  Thankfully, all goes wellContinue reading “Still Relevant”

Digital Citizenship and Creative Content

  I think that many people would like to address the topics of Digital Citizenship and Creative Content and they absolutely should.  I know that we had worked on the concept at my old board and I would provide a link to the resource but it has been taken down.  Working with colleagues, we workedContinue reading “Digital Citizenship and Creative Content”

Not Feeling Like a Crook Anymore

There was great news for the Windows using community this week.  Microsoft has discontinued its Office Genuine Advantage program. It was a program with good Microsoft intent.  It was a way to ensure that you were using legitimate software.  In an effort to stem software piracy, you had to prove that the software that you’reContinue reading “Not Feeling Like a Crook Anymore”