A better internet?

It was after reading this story this morning The Man Who Invented the World Wide Web Has Mixed Feelings About What the Internet Has Become that I got thinking about the “good old days” when we just went online to do research or reading or communicating or whatever.  We actually paid for the service soContinue reading “A better internet?”

An Interview with Alfred Thompson

I’ve known Alfred Thompson for a few years now. We met at a Computer Science Teachers’ Association Conference a few years ago where one or both of us were speaking. We’ve also served on the Computer Science Teachers’ Association (CSTA) Conference organizing committee. At the time, Alfred was the K-12 Computer Science Academic Developer EvangelistContinue reading “An Interview with Alfred Thompson”

Microsoft at #ECOO13

One of the real benefits of the partnership between ECOO and OASBO ICT at the recent #ECOO13 conference was the opportunities for exhibitors that normally visit one conference to have access to both groups.  And, to the attendees, they could visit exhibitors that they would not normally see.  One of these exhibitors for the traditionalContinue reading “Microsoft at #ECOO13”

Cloud at #ECOO13

In Ontario, like in many jurisdictions, there are two popular cloud solutions that have made their way into the classroom.  ECOO is proud to announce that both of these solutions will be at the ECOO Conference to meet with Ontario teachers and provide professional learning opportunities. On Wednesday, LearnStyle, an Ontario company will provide aContinue reading “Cloud at #ECOO13”

This Week in Ontario Edublogs

How do Ontario Edubloggers beat the heat?  They blog! Here’s some of what caught my eye recently. How do we teach Terms of Service? Royan Lee has an interesting post dealing with the terms of service that need to be agreed to when you sign up for a service.  I’m bad at that…I think IContinue reading “This Week in Ontario Edublogs”