Upping your game

I’ll start off my saying that I’m not fond of templates, especially in education. I’ve sat through many presentations where I know that I’ve seen the template that the presenter is using. Basically, they’ve downloaded a template and clicked in the placement text to add their own text, save it, and call it a presentation.Continue reading “Upping your game”

Better Looking Presentations

This post is for all who do presentations but specifically to those working on their presentations for #ECOO13 this summer. I hope that you’re not just firing up Keynote or Powerpoint or LibreOffice and filling in the blanks in a template to call it a presentation.  While this works, keep in mind audience engagement.  TheyContinue reading “Better Looking Presentations”

Unplug? I hope not

  Many thanks to @sheilaspeaking for proofreading and making suggestions for today’s post. —– I read this article three times yesterday morning during my reading routine before I elected to share it with my followers on Twitter and Facebook.  From TheStar.com, “Let’s unplug the digital classroom” is one professor’s thoughts about the presence of technologyContinue reading “Unplug? I hope not”