The reference Garbage In, Garbage Out is a staple when teaching computer science.  It generately acknowledges that a processor or a processor might be considered as a black box where data goes in one side and information out the other.  The black box essentially contains the ability to do whatever it is programmed to do; … Continue reading GIGO


A Couple of Days with Ubuntu 13.04

I had a friend try to grind my gears over the weekend.  If you're such a fan of Ubuntu, why are you carrying around a Macintosh computer?  It's a valid observation but the reality is that I have both a Mac and a PC (Sony Vaio) and it's the Vaio that's running Ubuntu.  At the … Continue reading A Couple of Days with Ubuntu 13.04

Apple Flops

I really enjoy the Mac versus PC commercials. They're very funny and well crafted. They would also lead one to believe that everything that Apple computers touch turns into gold. If you've followed the product line, you'll realize that not everything has turned to gravy for the company. In a bit of nostalgia, Wired Magazine … Continue reading Apple Flops