Catching Up with ECOO 2012

I made it home from the ECOO Conference in Richmond Hill this morning.  The normal 4.5 hour took two days.  4 hours got me through the bumper to bumper slow-moving traffic and I finally threw in the towel and spent the night in Woodstock. Driving home, I did smile at the people who told meContinue reading “Catching Up with ECOO 2012”

From Where Does Your Learning Come?

  I read a great post yesterday from Dangerously Irrelevant from “way back” in June of 2011.  It was entitled “If you were on Twitter yesterday…” and it brought back a nice memory.  I recall reading it when it was originally posted and so it was a nice déjà vu.  Other than nostalgia, it’s aContinue reading “From Where Does Your Learning Come?”

How do you foster technological innovation?

In the past month, I enjoyed both the Harrow Fair and the Western Fair in London.  One of the things that you’ll find at any good fair is the midway filled with fair food, the newest in farm equipment, and of course, those games.  You know them – Whack a Mole, throwing darts at balloons, shootingContinue reading “How do you foster technological innovation?”

Coming Together #RCAC2010

Sometimes when you plan an event, real life just gets in the road.  In a few short hours, the Western Regional Computer Advisory Committee’s Symposium 2010 event will take place.  As a planner for this annual event, there always seems to be something just around the corner that seems poised to make the wheels wobbleContinue reading “Coming Together #RCAC2010”